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Another networking puzzle

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Dave Winer.

After all the michegas about AT&T last week, I decided to order a second Internet connection. I was pretty happy with their high speed DSL, but if they're going to gang up on customers with the record industry, I want to be sure I have an exit planned out. Permalink to this paragraph

So I ordered a Comcast network interface. It should arrive in a few days. Permalink to this paragraph

The question is can I have both network interfaces running on the same LAN? Permalink to this paragraph

I was thinking if I plug the Comcast box into a G4 desktop that has two Ethernet jacks, while the other is plugged into the big switch I bought a few weeks ago (and it's working great, btw) that's connected into the DSL line, that somehow all my computers would be on both nets at the same time?  Permalink to this paragraph

I figured some of the network gods tuned into this station may have some ideas. Permalink to this paragraph

Is there any way to make use of two net connections on one LAN? Or does it necessarily mean two separate local nets? Permalink to this paragraph

Comment here, please. Permalink to this paragraph

And sorry for destroying our culture, Andrew. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

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