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Me, a cranky geek?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I gotta admit, I enjoy watching the Cranky Geeks video podcast, mostly because I like the nerdy picture of John Dvorak on the opening screen and the corny polka music that plays in the background. I sometimes even watch the rest of it because Dvorak is such a curmudgeon, and the guests are interesting too. That's why I agreed to be on two of the shows, one which will be recorded tomorrow and the other on July 25 (Jason Calacanis is the other guest). Permalink to this paragraph

They just sent me a list of topics they want to discuss. If you have something to say, please post a comment, esp if they make you cranky in a geekish sort of way. That'll give me some idea of what people think, and may get my juices flowing. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

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