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Twitter meets podcasting, day 2

Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Continuing yesterday's threadPermalink to this paragraph

I'm now working on a web service that takes four parameters: Permalink to this paragraph

1. username (a string) Permalink to this paragraph

2. password (a string) Permalink to this paragraph

3. MP3 bits (base64-encoded binary) Permalink to this paragraph

4. metadata (a struct) Permalink to this paragraph

The username and password are for the user's Twitter account. This data passes through the web service, it is not retained. You have my word of honor on that. Permalink to this paragraph

The bits are the "gram" -- the official limit is 200K, but there's a little bit of grace. (We'll accept slightly more than 200K.) Permalink to this paragraph

The metadata is a struct that can contain fields that have the same names as an RSS 2.0 item, such as title, link, description, category, source, etc. Very much like the Metaweblog API. Not all the elements are acceptable, but ones that aren't are ignored. (For example, enclosure.) All are optional, as is the struct itself. The title, if present, is used in forming the Twitter post. The remaining elements are retained, and used to form feed(s).  Permalink to this paragraph

The twits are also posted to a global Twitter account -- twitogram. (They don't allow accounts whose name begin with "twitter.") Permalink to this paragraph

The username and password must be valid for the MP3 to be retained. Permalink to this paragraph

The service returns a string, if successful, the URL where the gram is stored. (I'm using Amazon S3 for the storage, so it should be fairly reliable.) Permalink to this paragraph

There's a limit to the number of grams you can post over time. Not sure exactly what the limit will be. Maybe no more than one every ten minutes? Interested in people's opinion. Permalink to this paragraph

The ideal client for this service, it seems, is Flash, because it can do the MP3 recording and has XML-RPC support. I will also implement a RESTful interface. Permalink to this paragraph

Disclaimer #1: Who does he think he is? Just some guy. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Disclaimer #2: My mother loves me. (I think.) Permalink to this paragraph

More dislcaimers will follow. Permalink to this paragraph

Postscript #1: 29 hits today for TwitterGramPermalink to this paragraph

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