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Twittergrams, Day 5

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by Dave Winer.

We reach a new milestone today, now, in addition to a web service that developers can hook into, there's now a web app, that anyone can use to upload a small 200K or less MP3 to the TwitterGram service. Permalink to this paragraph

http://twittergram.com/  Permalink to this paragraph

Enter your Twitter username and password, a title for your gram, and choose the MP3 file on your local system. Most people who have tested it have been successful. If you have any questions or comments, post them herePermalink to this paragraph

An obvious next step is to include in the web app the ability to record the MP3, which will remove one more big step from the process. Anyone who can help with a Flash app that I can embed to do the recording, please post a comment. Thanks in advance! Permalink to this paragraph

Yesterday, Wired ran a very nice piece on TwitterGrams. Like everyone, including me, they say the jury is out on the idea. But they're willing to give it a chance. Excellent and thank you. Nice picture too, I like the glasses. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

I recorded my own TwitterGram this morning to introduce the new web app. Permalink to this paragraph

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