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Things I have figured out

Monday, July 02, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Okay, I made my peace with synchronizing to get music on the iPod, but it doesn't do me any good because the ear buds hurt my ears, after just ten minutes of use, and that's hardware I can't replace, so I'm afraid the iPhone loses on that one. However it is nice that the speaker is loud enough so that you can hear the player even without the ear buds, and it's nice that the buds have a mike too, but of course that's useless to me because of the physical pain. Permalink to this paragraph

Basically I want to use a pair of cheap Sony headphones to listen to podcasts on my daily walk, and you can't do it with the iPhone and sorry I don't care what the excuse is, that's just wrong. Permalink to this paragraph

An aside, I wasn't able to figure out how to get an episode of The Wire onto the device so I could watch it. I just wanted to see what watching a TV show would be like, and I'm opposed to using their store to buy shows I've already paid HBO for (twice, not only have I had a subscription for the last 30 years, but I also bought the DVDs from Amazon). Try as hard as I can, I couldn't get iTunes to upload the video to the iPhone. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Thanks to Matthew, I got it workingPermalink to this paragraph

I figured out how to email a picture taken by the camera, thanks to a tip from Robert Scoble. And Flickr has a special email address for every user that makes it easy to connect the camera to Flickr, so here's a picture I snapped of myself with the iPhone, uploaded seconds after taking it. Nice!  Permalink to this paragraph

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