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If Apple had *really* wanted to be revolutionary

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 by Dave Winer.

They would have made a wifi-only cell phone.  Permalink to this paragraph

I wrote about this earlier this year. As I talk with people from home on my iPhone it seems so silly. The place is saturated with wifi bandwidth, and the device uses it, for everything but telephone calls. Permalink to this paragraph

6/15/07: "You gotta wonder why Apple went with such old, expensive, customer-hostile and likely obsolete technology." Permalink to this paragraph

And then I read this article by David Pogue in today's Times saying that T-Mobile introduced a phone last week, in the middle of all the iPhone euphoria, that routes phone calls over wifi if a signal is present. Permalink to this paragraph

Seems the iPhone should be doing that.  Permalink to this paragraph

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