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Mobile stories

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named donquixote.gifHaving an iPhone and the modest successes of the Times and BBC rivers has got me thinking about how to make the iPhone a truly great text reader. It's within grasp I think, and I also think that Scripting News is going to transition to being a mobile entity more than a desktop or laptop one. Both from the writing and the reading side. All the more reason why I need the OPML Editor (an instance of the Frontier scripting environment) running in mobile form. I may end up buying an ultralite Windows notebook to sub for the machine I really want (an iPhone with the OPML Editor running on it) to carry with me. Nah probably not. Arrgh. I wish I could put Mac software on this thing. You know that would put Windows to rest for some people, permanently. That Apple thinks Safari is the dev platform for anyone shows a bit of Don Quixote still lives in the heart of Uncle Steve. Why not go the easy way?  Permalink to this paragraph

The focus now is the story. I know how to do the index page, it's a river. But what about the things the index page links to? What should they look like? That's what I'm playing with right now. Permalink to this paragraph

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