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OPML 2.0 spec work

Monday, July 16, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I've started to work on the final pass of the OPML 2.0 spec, in preparation for freezing it. The last changes were made on 3/1/06, well over a year ago. There haven't been comments in months. People have been quietly deploying OPML 2.0, even though there's a clear Do Not Deploy caveat at the top of the document.  Permalink to this paragraph

http://www.opml.org/spec2  Permalink to this paragraph

Today I made a change to the explanation of the new-in-2 <ownerId> element. In the previous version it said the address had to point to a page with a form that allowed the reader to communicate with the author. It no longer says it must be a form. Further, in the previous version it didn't say that it must be unique to the author. Now it does.  Permalink to this paragraph

Please use the comment section on the annex site for feedback. Permalink to this paragraph

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