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Blogs I'm reading

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 by Dave Winer.

These are not new blogs, but ones I started reading recently. Permalink to this paragraph

Michael Miller was the innovative editor-in-chief of InfoWorld and PC Mag, and now he's got a blog. I've always valued his opinion of software and technology. Permalink to this paragraph

I bought a car almost two weeks ago after a couple of months shopping. I bought a car that this blog, The Truth About Cars, hated. But I love the blog, it's irreverent and has reminded me of something important, if you want credibility with readers you have to regularly take shots at the vendors in the industry you cover (if you cover an industry). Clearly TTAC is not in bed with any of the manufacturers, that's why I, as a user, trust their advice, even if I don't follow it.  Permalink to this paragraph

Which leads me to Uncov, a site that takes cheap shots, regularly, at the icons of the tech blogging world. No, I wouldn't like it if they said these kinds of things about me, and I'm sure I will get my turn, but these guys remind me of the kind of incisive writing that used to come from Spy, or the National Lampoon or even Suck, in their heyday. They're great writers (even though they deny it), and provide a valuable alternative to the knee-grabbing footsy-playing party-goers of the Bay Area. Permalink to this paragraph

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