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Scoble is Facebookized

Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Dave Winer.

No doubt it's a Scoble world. Permalink to this paragraph

And he says Facebook is a black hole. Permalink to this paragraph

Sucking up all the data from all other apps. Permalink to this paragraph

But I wonder. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named ofsj.jpgCould it be that the real revolution is that all the other apps were ready to be ported into any environment? That there already was enough data portability in the broad support for RSS in the base of apps that is enabling it to appear as if Facebook is subsuming everything? Could it be that Facebook is just another way of reading feeds? Permalink to this paragraph

I don't really know because unlike Scoble I haven't been sucked into Facebook myself. I'm enjoying the summer. I bought a car. Hanging with friends. Flirting with and orbiting around the opposite gender. Feeding coins into parking meters. Thinking about what I can do to help my country. Almost anything but getting obsessed with Facebook. Permalink to this paragraph

Could it be that the world is passing me by? Permalink to this paragraph

Yes, it could be. Permalink to this paragraph

Or it could be that I already have a great feed aggregator and the world is just catching up? Permalink to this paragraph

What do you think? Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Did you read this in Facebook? Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: I've had a chance to get to know the Parakey guys, and I can vouch for their idealism. They just joined Facebook. So that bodes well for Facebook de-siloing and really opening up to the rest of the web, in the spirit of sending them away so they can come back. Permalink to this paragraph

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