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Scripting News?

Saturday, July 28, 2007 by Dave Winer.

From time to time people ask what this site has to do with Scripting News. Permalink to this paragraph

I shrug it off, saying "It's just a name." Permalink to this paragraph

I don't stop to explain because many people who think in terms of scripting languages think linearly and only in one direction. A site named Scripting News must contain news about scripting, right? Permalink to this paragraph

But what if the name describes what the author does when creating the software that manages the site? And further, if he shares that software with other people so that this site becomes a focus of the activity of applying scripting to the area of news? Permalink to this paragraph

What would you think about that? Permalink to this paragraph

Back in the beginning people would have thought I was out of my mind.  Permalink to this paragraph

Scripting news? Why would anyone want to do that. Permalink to this paragraph

But today, many years later, news is the subject of much scripting.  Permalink to this paragraph

So there you have it.  Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Sometimes when I say the name of site in my own mind it comes out like this: "Scripting Jews." Same logic.  Permalink to this paragraph

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