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A Christmas song for Doc

Sunday, July 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named doc.jpgI was reading David Weinberger's beautiful testimonial to growing older, on the occasion of Doc's 60th birthday, which is today! Permalink to this paragraph

I thought the best birthday present I could give Doc is the sound of beautiful music on Scripting News. And what song? Dr Dave helped me there. He wrote a gorgeous piece about John Lennon, that brought me tears of gratitude for a life that still continues inspire, even though it was cut short by an act of lunacy. Permalink to this paragraph

John Lennon's So This is Christmas isn't strictly a birthday song, but it works anyway.  Permalink to this paragraph

So Doc, you're an old fart for sure, but I love you dearly, and am glad your heart is healthy and you still have your sense of humor!  Permalink to this paragraph

Big hugs, your pal, Dave Permalink to this paragraph

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