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Monday, July 30, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named almondsoap.jpgMowser "lets you view the Web on your mobile phone." Permalink to this paragraph

Dare Obasanjo is fed up with A-list tech bloggers.  Permalink to this paragraph

TorrentFreak on a no-install Java-based client for BT newbies. Permalink to this paragraph

Catheroo is a Fresca fan too! Permalink to this paragraph

Bill Walsh, heroic coach of the 49ers, died today.  Permalink to this paragraph

Mashery is "on-demand API infrastructure." Permalink to this paragraph

Ed Kohler asks why FireFox defaults to Atom 0.3 feeds. Permalink to this paragraph

Michael Gartenberg on the competiton betw HD-DVD and Blu-ray. "The real competition here for both formats are not each other, it's DVD in the past and online distribution." Permalink to this paragraph

Jim Forbes, a guy I used to hang out with in the 80s, illustrates how, in a moment of vulnerability, we sometimes reveal a truth about ourselves to the rest of the world. Permalink to this paragraph

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