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NPR podcast feeds moved??

Thursday, August 2, 2007 by Dave Winer.

My favorite podcast, Fresh Air, stopped updating on July 7. I couldn't imagine that the problem was with the feed, so I went on a hunt for a bug in my podcatcher, and traced my way right to the problem. It wasn't finding the enclosure on each item. I looked at the feed and found out why.  Permalink to this paragraph

The enclosures are missing!! Permalink to this paragraph

So if you're missing your Fresh Air, as I am (there have been some good ones since July 7), it seems someone must have tripped on a wire at NPR. Permalink to this paragraph

Later... Permalink to this paragraph

Seems as if they changed the address of the podcast feed. Permalink to this paragraph

http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php?id=13  Permalink to this paragraph

I suppose the other NPR feeds moved too... Permalink to this paragraph

Later... Permalink to this paragraph

I haven't been able to find the following podcast feeds in the directory: All Things Considered, Morning Edition,  Permalink to this paragraph

I have been albe to re-locate: Talk of the NationPermalink to this paragraph

Some of the shows I'm subscribed to haven't moved, for example, Brian Lehrer. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: All is forgiven, now that 10 fresh hours of Fresh Air are downloading now. Whew.  Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: NPR has an OPML of all their podcasts. Apparently it has been updated to point at the new feeds. Permalink to this paragraph

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