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My iTunes is hosed?

Sunday, August 5, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named docsmaller.jpgI'm beginning to think that my copy of iTunes is hosed. Permalink to this paragraph

I can't copy AVI files into the list, even ones that I was able to copy before. When I do, it just rejects the file, no error dialog explaining why, it just refuses to copy the video. Permalink to this paragraph

When I plug in my iPhone it says there's an update available, but when I say yes, go download and install it, it claims it can't find the update server over the Internet (yet it was able to tell that an update was available, and the Internet is working fine otherwise). Permalink to this paragraph

I click on the Radio icon, and it can't find the list of radio stations. Permalink to this paragraph

So the question is: how to install a fresh copy? Permalink to this paragraph

Advice is welcome.  Permalink to this paragraph

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