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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Doc Searls remembers summer heat in New Jersey before air conditioning.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named doggie.jpgDan Gillmor discusses a new Google News feature that's on the right track, but not the right implementation. Google should just buy Technorati (Note to Sifry: 1 percent please), and get it reliable, and use it in place of this new human-intense feature. Let the people discussed in news articles get blogs, Google can even host them. Let the readers sort it out. Much better than depending on employees. Permalink to this paragraph

Gabe Rivera notes that Google News doesn't allow sites like Techmeme to crawl Google News, but they depend on other sites being open to make Google News possible. The news organizations should offer blogs to everyone who's quoted in their articles, btw. Should have done this a long long time ago (I suggested it to the NY Times in 2001 and to the SF Chron earlier this year). Instead Google does something lame, and beats the whole news industry. Some days it seems the whole world is built on cowardice and fear. Permalink to this paragraph

TorrentFreak reports that Google filters torrents out of search results.  Permalink to this paragraph

This appears to be an article about RSS, in Hebrew. Permalink to this paragraph

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