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Gnomedex 07 photos

Saturday, August 11, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named gnomedexgnome.jpgClick on the thumbnail to the right for my collection of Gnomedex 07 pics. Permalink to this paragraph

All these pics flowed through Twitter, using the new Flickr-to-Twitter mashup. It worked without a hitch, and was a big hit with my fellow twitheads. Not one complaint. Permalink to this paragraph

My theory is that as long as the photos have titles, they are just like normal Twitter status messages with the benefit of having a visual image attached. People only complain when the pics all ahve the same title. This actually makes total sense.  Permalink to this paragraph

Now I want the whole package, a title, an image, and an opportunity to narrate verbally. My iPhone has all the capabilities I need, but I can't write the software. Open platforms will rule here. Permalink to this paragraph

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