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If Jason were a mensch

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named bigGulp.jpgHe'd apologize as follows. Permalink to this paragraph

"Dave, I'm sorry I made it sound like you were the only person at Gnomedex talking back during my speech. In fact, the chatroom and Twitter were erupting, and people were talking in the audience, and you weren't even the first person to speak out loud. I'm also sorry for all the personal things I said about you, I have no insight into your personality, I'm still trying to figure myself out. At age 37, I haven't even had my mid-life crisis yet!" Permalink to this paragraph

And he'd also apologize to Nick Denton. Permalink to this paragraph

"Nick, I'm sorry I called you a 'fucking liar' on stage at Gnomedex. I think sometimes you stretch the truth, and maybe you actually lie, but I lie too, and I wouldn't like it if someone talked about me that way." Permalink to this paragraph

And to Google. Permalink to this paragraph

"To our friends at Google I'd like to apologize for saying that your search engine is filled with spam." Permalink to this paragraph

And finally, he'd apologize to the people at Gnomedex. Permalink to this paragraph

"To the people who came to Gnomedex, I realize that you took time off from work, and paid to attend the conference, and in many cases paid for your travel and hotel, in some cases thousands of dollars, only to hear an advertisement. That might have been okay if my talk weren't about the evils of advertising and how it was destroying the Internet we know and love. Boy was that ironic and I am really sorry for wasting so much of your time and money." Permalink to this paragraph

Bonus 1: Wikipedia page and Google search for mensch.  Permalink to this paragraph

Bonus 2: Wired report on the Calacanis speech, just after it happened. Permalink to this paragraph

Bonus 3: Dave W as viewed by Tim O and Jason C.  Permalink to this paragraph

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