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Tim O'Reilly's reasons

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Wired quoted Calacanis quoting TIm O'Reilly saying some pretty nasty stuff, explaining why I'm not invited to his conferences. He wrote this piece in 2000.  Permalink to this paragraph

The problem with the O'Reilly piece is that is isn't true.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named timo.jpgAfter he wrote the piece I was invited to speak at E-Tech and OSCON and to participate in an Open Source Summit. I accepted all the invites. Nothing disruptive happened at any of them. You can ask the people who were there. I think Doc Searls was at all of the events. Permalink to this paragraph

And Wired might want to check these things out before repeating such damaging attacks as fact. I think that's covered in Journalism 101. Permalink to this paragraph

These mob attacks are fun for you guys, but they're not fun for the people who get ganged up on. Some people take advantage of that, and use it to build flow and page rank, and distract people from issues they don't want to talk about. Publications like Wired should be counted on to slow things down and check the facts. If we have more of that, we'll have less of the bad stuff.  Permalink to this paragraph

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