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Restarting the draft

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Two events happened in Washington politics in the last couple of days that puzzled me: 1. Karl Rove, on his way out at the White House, said Hillary Clinton is a "a tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate;" and 2. Douglas Lute, our "war czar," said the option of restarting the draft was "on the table." Permalink to this paragraph

I figured out why the czar said what he said -- it's the military, sending a message to the President, in clear terms. We can't keep running the way we're running, and if you won't do something about the shortfall of soldiers for the war in Iraq (really an occupation, of course) we'll take the issue to the people, in a way you'll feel. No doubt, even talk of a return to the draft changes things. I think it's a good idea to talk about it, and quite possibly a good idea to reinstate it. That would get us out of this mode of life-as-usual. We are losing in Iraq, pointlessly, and eventually we're going to have to leave. Yes, cut and run is looking like the right way to go, esp when the cut part could be explained as "cut our losses." Permalink to this paragraph

Why Rove said what he said, though, is a total puzzle. I am uninspired by Clinton as a candidate, I think a vote for her is a vote for another four or eight years of not dealing with our problems, and she's the most Republican of the Democrats running. But Rove is no idiot, not about things like this, so he must figure that it would serve the Republicans if Hillary was the candidate, because that kind of hype really helps her. I found myself, inside, rallying behind Clinton because I so despise Rove. No kidding. So there must be some reason Rove thinks she'd be easier to beat than Edwards or Obama. Or maybe he's figured we all understand how his (twisted) mind works, and he's telling us this so we won't rally behind Clinton because secretly he knows she's the strongest Dem, and would much rather run against... Oh fuck it, this is pointless.  Permalink to this paragraph

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