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Conrad on Gnomedex mess

Monday, August 20, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I ran into Tom Conrad of Pandora at BarCampBlock yesterday in Palo Alto and he volunteered that he was at Gnomedex earlier this month, and from his point of view what happened during Jason Calacanis's presentation wasn't that big a deal. Permalink to this paragraph

I asked him to explain and he told me the story, which he repeats in a blog post this afternoon. Permalink to this paragraph

I totally appreciate that Tom was willing to speak up. Thanks Tom, I won't forget it. Permalink to this paragraph

Aidan Henry sees it as I did, but I missed his post when it appeared a week ago. "Gnomedex presentations are meant to spur discussions and conversations around trends, standards, principles, ideas, and concepts -- not specific companies." Permalink to this paragraph

RIch Skrenta who knows SEO, reviews MahaloPermalink to this paragraph

Fast Company: "As a kid, he was tossed out of school for fighting and mopped blood off the floor of his father's bar; his mother, an emergency-room nurse, would stitch up the combatants at a local hospital." Permalink to this paragraph

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