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Question about the Flickr API

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named spaceWoman.jpgPopping the stack of pending projects, I want to write an app that creates and maintains a backup copy of all the pictures I've uploaded to Flickr. This will make Flickr more valuable, it will become the user interface for my photo archiving system.  Permalink to this paragraph

I've been staring at the docs for the Flickr API and can't find a way to loop over all my pictures. I must be missing something obvious.  Permalink to this paragraph

I found flickr.photos.getNotInSet, that returns a list of photos that are not part of a set. That will possibly be helpful. Not sure what the format of a "unix timestamp" is. Permalink to this paragraph

If anyone has an idea, please post a comment herePermalink to this paragraph

Zach Beane has a clue. Use the search verb, look for nothing. Loop over the pages of results. Sounds good.  Permalink to this paragraph

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