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Anatomy of a Flickr photo (its metadata)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named redcar.jpgThanks to great advice yesterday from SN readers, I am now able to loop over all my photos from a script.  Permalink to this paragraph

Today I wrote a glue script for Flickr.photos.getInfo, which returns a table of structured information about the picture. It's a fascinating piece of metadata, and something a lot of people should look at, but I don't imagine too many have, because it's buried under so layers of code. Permalink to this paragraph

So I took a snapshot of the metadata for a picture that I took at BarCamp last weekend. The page is not dynamic, so if notes or tags get added, the snapshot won't change. More: The data from flickr.photos.getSizes for the same picPermalink to this paragraph

PS: The table was generated from an age-old Frontier macro that I had a lot of trouble locating.  Permalink to this paragraph

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