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Why synching sucks

Monday, August 27, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named piggy.gifI took a picture of my new server closet. I could have used my Nikon, but it's extra work to get the pic off the camera and somewhere useful. The Nikon pic would have been better, but I'm lazy. The step I'm skipping is synching. Permalink to this paragraph

I think synching is a bad idea, but Apple's mobile technology is built around it. I dislike synching. I want my devices to go straight to the cloud, both ways. My podcast player should have a built-in podcatcher. And my podcast recorder should also be a publisher. Permalink to this paragraph

Seems unlikely that Google's phone will depend on synching. It will be more Dave Winer-compatible than the iPhone is. Permalink to this paragraph

But the iPhone is pretty cool when you tether it to Twitter through Flickr. Yeah.  Permalink to this paragraph

I realized earlier today that I have a pretty good bag of tricks for Twitter and Flickr. I may just package em up and give em away. You'll have to run your own server if you want to access it over the net. Permalink to this paragraph

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