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Remember the Social Camera? It exists!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named fujiFilmCamera.jpgIn June, on a trip to Italy, I wanted a copy of a picture a stranger was taking. "What if his camera, as it was taking the picture, also broadcast the bits to every other camera in range. My camera, sitting in my napsack would detect a picture being broadcast, and would capture it. (Or my cell phone, or iPod.)" Permalink to this paragraph

In tomorrow's NY TImes, David Pogue reviews the Fujifilm Z10fd. "It's one of several current Fujifilm cameras with an inconspicuous infrared lens on the side. You can hold the cameras up to eight inches apart, lenses facing. Then, with three button presses, you can beam a full-resolution photo from one into the other. Thanks to a new, high-speed infrared standard called IRSimple -- the first serious update to infrared beaming technology since the old PalmPilot days -- the transfer takes only three seconds." Permalink to this paragraph

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