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Twitter losing posts

Friday, August 31, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Flickr: "Our long national nightmare is over." Permalink to this paragraph

Twitter Blocks is the kind of thing that demos well at conferences. Not too useful in real life. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named uma.gifJohn Furrier has the transcript of a Calacanis podcast chutzpah-fest at RWW. He's a blood-thirsty samurai, so he says. "I always look at entrepreneurs as samurai. It’s a lonely pursuit at times and basically your life is to fight. And you get done with one fight. You clean the blood off your sword. You put it away. You walk 10 miles to another village. And then you got to clean up that village. A couple of people got to lose their arms. And then you clean the blood off your sword. You have a cup of tea and some rice. And then you walk to the next village." Really, and I thought he was the sensitive type who sulks in depression for days because he was interrupted.  Permalink to this paragraph

Economist on who's afraid of Google. Permalink to this paragraph

another senior bush staffer leaves. something terrible must be coming?? Permalink to this paragraph

dan mactough *convincingly* argues that "expanded" does not belong in opml 2.0. Permalink to this paragraph

apple to sell ringtones. excuse me while i yawwwwn. Permalink to this paragraph

sugarattack says twitter is losing posts. i noticed that too. imho they ought to use some of the $5 million to make it reliable. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm going to cross-post my tweets here until i notice that it's stopped losing them. Permalink to this paragraph

noticed that some MSM podcasts are not bothering with the length att on enclosures. not happy about this. :-( Permalink to this paragraph

Proposal for 'expanded' attribute in OPML 2.0. Important for people developing in-browser apps that use OPML. Permalink to this paragraph

Dan MacTough offers a compelling argument for not including "expanded" in the core spec. (I fixed the typos, and reworded the last two sentences per another suggestion, here.) Permalink to this paragraph

Michael Markman on the "perfect storm" around Scoble this week. Permalink to this paragraph

Nathan Rein on computer-free micropodcasting. Good idea.  Permalink to this paragraph

TechCrunch on new features for Twitter today. Permalink to this paragraph

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