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Apple announcements, Day 2

Thursday, September 6, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Apple and Nokia fighting over customers in Google ads. Love to see this. Customers rule! Permalink to this paragraph

About the $200, not a big deal. If you buy Apple products and you're worried about a small piece of change like that, you should buy a Toshiba or Acer or Compaq. Even Dell is cheap compared to Apple.  Permalink to this paragraph

However this Q&A with Jobs is a bit much. Not quite sure why I don't like it so much. Maybe because I don't think his competitors are quite as ruthless as he is. Maybe what he really means is this is how Apple works, not how technology works. Permalink to this paragraph

Wired's blog nails it with four ways Apple blew it yesterday.  Permalink to this paragraph

One more thing. Jim Forbes says that the cheers and applause at Apple announcements come from Apple people sitting in the first rows, not from reporters. I didn't know that. Seems that reporters should include that in every press report until Apple stops doing it. It's really tacky, like a laugh-track on an old 60s television comedy. To be clear, the people who are cheering are paid to cheer. Maybe others disagree with Jim?? Permalink to this paragraph

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