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China's effect on the Internet

Sunday, September 9, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Andrew Baron likes to keep checking to see who's writing about China's effect on the Internet. Permalink to this paragraph

So far, he says, it's only been David Weinberger and himself. Now I will be part of the club.  Permalink to this paragraph

Like Andrew, I read with some curiosity that China has developed a way to disable the US military entirely through the Internet. It's like a science fiction movie. Now we have to develop a similar capability to disable their military, and voila, there's one war that can't happen! Excellent. Permalink to this paragraph

Apply that technique to all existing armies and you've solved a major problem for mankind. Okay this may be a little naive, not sure, but it's worth discussing, don't you think?? Permalink to this paragraph

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