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Bravo to MoveOn

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I got to watch much of the testimony of General Petraueus in Congress early this week.  Permalink to this paragraph

The Republicans kept showing off a MoveOn.org ad in the NY Times that asked if General Petraeus was really General Betray Us. It worked. Now every time I hear his name I hear the MoveOn slogan.  Permalink to this paragraph

Betray Us Betray Us Betray Us.  Permalink to this paragraph

Goodbye Bush. Permalink to this paragraph

I think the next MoveOn ad should be a straight FAQ on Iraq. Permalink to this paragraph

Q: Is it making American safer? Permalink to this paragraph

A: No.  Permalink to this paragraph

Q: Could the money we're spending in Iraq be put to better use? Permalink to this paragraph

A. Yes, of course. To say nothing of the American and Iraqi lives that are being wasted. Permalink to this paragraph

Q: Did the President commit impeachable offenses in selling the war in Iraq? Permalink to this paragraph

A: Yes, of course. Permalink to this paragraph

Q: Will we win or lose in Iraq? Permalink to this paragraph

A: No. We are occupying Iraq. There's no enemy that we're trying to depose. There's no victory possible, as there is no losing possible. Permalink to this paragraph

Key point: Nothing any of us could say would get Bush to say "Oh geez, you're right, we really fucked up. Let's fix this as soon as possible." So stop arguing with him as if this could possibly happen. Permalink to this paragraph

Just focus on what we believe.  Permalink to this paragraph

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