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Saturday, September 15, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named jewWrestler.jpgScoble's story of today's adventures. Blogging at its best, imho. It was a really great day. Hey I met someone who's likely to be a friend for a long time. He was less than two days old. As I was dropping Robert and Patrick off I thought this kid is going to have a lot of role models.  Permalink to this paragraph

Al Jazeera: "Nearly 200 protesters have been arrested during a march in Washington DC held to demand the return of troops from Iraq and the impeachment of George Bush, the US president." Permalink to this paragraph

Miguel de Icaza on new firmware for iPods that make it impossible to use one with any OS other than Windows or Macintosh. Maybe it's time for us all to get together and build an open source and completely open MP3 player, without any of the taxes Apple imposes. It's too important a product to leave to one company. Permalink to this paragraph

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