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A Boston Tea Party for the 21st Century

Sunday, September 16, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Watching This Week on ABC this morning. First they interviewed Secretary of Defense Gates. He's repping the Bush plan in Iraq, basically no change. Never once did the interviewer ask the Secretary if the voters and taxpayers have any say in what happens. He did ask about the Democratic plan, which is very different from what we the people want. Permalink to this paragraph

Then he interviews Sen Jack Reed, a Democrat, who wants change now, but still would only withdraw a small percentage of the troops. Permalink to this paragraph

We've had so much time to think about this. So much intimidation from the President, first if we didn't like the war we were cowards, that was the point behind his Cut and Run campaign. We've come a long way, but he's still negotiating through dishonesty. The President says he favors cuts, but he's lying, his cuts in troops are insignificant, and were mandated by the deal he made with us, that his "surge" was just that. Never mind that we don't want to pay for this war with more money, lives and attention. It seems we don't talk about anything but Iraq. There have to be other things falling apart while all our attention is there. Permalink to this paragraph

So I have a proposal. Permalink to this paragraph

1. Whereas it's obvious that Bush plans to run out the clock on his presidency re Iraq. There will be no change until he leaves office. Permalink to this paragraph

2. He's trying to set it up so that when the next President takes office, if he or she withdraws from Iraq, this will set the stage for his supporters to call that person a coward and a loser. Permalink to this paragraph

3. It seems very likely that the next President will not make any major changes to US policy in Iraq. Permalink to this paragraph

Therefore, why should we wait until Bush leaves office? Why shouldn't we the people, throw out our President-King, using the political tools our founders left us. Let's remove both Bush and Cheney, and then turn to the Democrat leader, Nancy Pelosi. If they she doesn't promptly remove our troops from Iraq, impeach her, and keep going until someone in the order of succession gets the message that our government is of the people, by the people and for the people. And we don't go for taxation without representation.  Permalink to this paragraph

We see clearly how we're being manipulated. Most of us are neither Democrats or Republics, we don't have their interests at heart, and clearly, they don't have our interests at heart.  Permalink to this paragraph

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