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Sunday, September 16, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named mouse.jpgCongrats to Hugh MacLeod on his new deal.  Permalink to this paragraph

Mark Cuban: "I love me some MacBook." He says Macs don't have two-button mice, this is a common misperception. I use two-button mice for all my Macs. They "just work." Honestly, I think Apple ought to give up the fight on this issue, two buttons are no big deal to master, esp compared to other much more complicated concepts you have to master to use a Mac.  Permalink to this paragraph

Wait a minute. The Apple Mighty Mouse has four buttons, apparently, even though they appear to only have one.  Permalink to this paragraph

I just ordered a new Logitech keyboard. Impulse purchase. Permalink to this paragraph

Yesterday I took a twitpic with my iPhone in the Apple store. This guy was following, at a cafe across the street. Of course he came over, and we had a nice schmooze.  Permalink to this paragraph

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