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TechCrunch 40, day 2

Monday, September 17, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named gumby.jpgFollowing up on yesterday's piece about Demo-like conferences. Permalink to this paragraph

Eric Norlin proposes that the economics are still out of whack. The people providing the value, the people attending the show, should get in for free. The demoers should pay. He has a point. In my HyperCamp proposal, that is how it works. The premise is that in 2007 everyone who attends is as much press as anyone else (everyone's a blogger) so what's the justification for some people getting in as press (i.e. free of charge) and others paying $2500.  Permalink to this paragraph

Richard Wolpert: Crunch CrunchPermalink to this paragraph

Valleywag says JC is really Willy Wonka.  Permalink to this paragraph

Paul Boutin has a list of the companies demoing at TC40. Permalink to this paragraph

The unofficial back-channel for the TC40 conference. Permalink to this paragraph

JS Pepper's photos from TechCrunch 40. Permalink to this paragraph

Frank Gruber's photos from TC40. Permalink to this paragraph

Too bad they don't have a live video stream from the conf. Permalink to this paragraph

Wait a minute -- justin.tv has a stream: Permalink to this paragraph

Watch techtalk live video and chat on Justin.tv Permalink to this paragraph

Bad news, they turned off the video and audio in the afternoon, so we can't catch the demos from remote. We had an interesting discussion going on the IRC about the stuff going on in the morning, but it's not happening in the afternoon. Sorry, we did the best we could.  Permalink to this paragraph

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