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Nokia N800 arrives, finally

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named nokiaArrivesFinally.jpg Permalink to this paragraph

First impression is no impression at all.  Permalink to this paragraph

So far they make Apple look very very good.  Permalink to this paragraph

To paraphrase a Cadillac ad, when you turn your mobile device on, does it return the favor?  Permalink to this paragraph

Apple, yes. Nokia, the jury is still out. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named n800.gifA couple of hours later, the battery is charged, but it's taking forever just to get it connected to the Internet. I have good wifi in the house, my laptops and iPhone use it all the time. The iPhone "just worked." Oy. Permalink to this paragraph

Oh the humanity. To update the N800 you need Windows, with v2 of the .NET Framework. Yeah, I have Parallels on my MacBook, but I recognize an invitation to lose huge amounts of time when I see one. For a $350 impulsively purchased toy (a week ago) this is turning out to be a huge pain in the you know what.  Permalink to this paragraph

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