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President Betray Us

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named bijan.jpgLiving in Berkeley we're always just a few degrees away from the MoveOn people. I hear they're really freaked about all the attention the General Betray Us ad got.  Permalink to this paragraph

I think it's good and they should follow it with a new ad, maybe not in the Times. "Okay, maybe we shouldn't have called him General Betray Us." Not quite an apology, not quite a retraction, just food for thought.  Permalink to this paragraph

The next ad would have a big picture of the President, with a big headline: "President Betray Us." More fodder for the talking heads.  Permalink to this paragraph

And then a FAQ, listing just a few of the ways the president has betrayed us. Not exactly calling for an impeachment, but starting the process of moving on from Bush, about a year early.  Permalink to this paragraph

There's nothing wrong with humor, and political humor is almost always vicious. If Bush whines too much, follow all this with an ad calling him a coward. "Mr. President, if you can't stand the heat, you could always resign early." Permalink to this paragraph

And then, after having cleared the field of Republicans (they'd all be running for cover, hoping their face wouldn't be on the next ad), you could start putting pictures of Democrats in the ads. Senator Betray Us, with a big picture of Harry Reid.  Permalink to this paragraph

I think it's time for The Rest of Us to start flexing our political muscle.  Permalink to this paragraph

I'm a gun-totin liberal, Republics betta watch out!  Permalink to this paragraph

Dave Permalink to this paragraph

PS: We should start another campaign that every time the President calls the other party "The Democrat" party, we should give $10 to them. That'd get him to shut up quickly.  Permalink to this paragraph

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