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Apple updates iPhone. Legal, unhacked phones become bricks?

Thursday, September 27, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named runner.jpgAccording to Saul Hansell at the NY Times, Apple intends to break phones that have been unlocked.  Permalink to this paragraph

But Francine Hardaway and Patrick Scoble both updated this afternoon, and bad things happened. Hardaway's phone was "fried," she needed a new phone, and Scoble lost all his data. Permalink to this paragraph

Hardaway: "Trust me, I didn't hack it." Permalink to this paragraph

Jeff Clavier: "This effing piece of s..t is bricked." Permalink to this paragraph

Robert Scoble, Patrick's dad, updated successfully, and got the new features. Scoble has guts. Permalink to this paragraph

Spaley's iPhone is now "a useless piece of crap." Permalink to this paragraph

Looks like Josh Bancroft's iPhone was hosed too. I would hold off on the update until we find out what's going wrong.  Permalink to this paragraph

Sugar Attack: "It wasn't until I saw a friend tweet about the new iPhone firmware upgrade that I realized I could now access the iTunes WiFi store." Permalink to this paragraph

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