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Notes on the N800

Saturday, September 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named n800.gifI still didn't have the N800 working reliably on my home network, but it worked everywhere else I tried it, so I was determined to figure out what was wrong. I heard about a program called Kismac that helps you debug wifi, and it was a little bit of help. But the tide turned when I decided to turn off wifi routers (I had four running) and see if the N800 would start working. Well, one of my two Airport Extremes made the difference, when I turned it off, the N800 started working. So after a bit I tried turning it back on, and the N800 still worked. No explanation, but knock wood, it's still working an hour later. Permalink to this paragraph

One nice side-effect of having Flash on the N800 is that YouTube works. I was able to watch the great MoveOn ad about Senator Mitch McConnell. It looked great on the N800. Permalink to this paragraph

Now I'm looking for a VNC client. I'd also like to play old TV shows on it, but the video player doesn't have the rich set of codecs baked into VLC which has spoiled me.  Permalink to this paragraph

Battery life on this thing is outstanding. Permalink to this paragraph

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