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Nice to be #1 at something

Monday, October 1, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Fred Wilson noticed that on the new TechMeme list, his blog is the sixth written by a person. Mine is first.  Permalink to this paragraph

Ben Metcalfe raised a similar question earlier today, noting that TechMeme didn't differentiate between professional publications like the NY Times, Reuters and CNET and TechCrunch, Engadget and GigaOm. It's not clear what the distinction is. I don't see any of those pubs as being blogs, so I think Gabe did the right thing, just lump them all together and let god (or mashups) sort them out. Permalink to this paragraph

A pragmatic question for people who want to follow the TechMeme LeaderBoard -- it's clearly not practical to look at it as frequently as it could change, every 20 minutes.  Permalink to this paragraph

So what kind of tool do we need to tell us about change? Email notification? An RSS feed for each site? I'm interested in knowing what people think. Permalink to this paragraph

Speaking of being #1, this blog is first on MSN for bricked iPhone. Needless to say it's generating some traffic.  Permalink to this paragraph

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