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Virgin America travel day tomorrow

Friday, October 5, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named virginAmerica.gifFlying from SFO to JFK on Virgin America.  Permalink to this paragraph

Should be interesting. Power at the seats so I'm not going to bring an extra battery. They have USB ports, not sure what they do. For charging devices with USB chargers? No wifi yet. I'll take pics with my iPhone. People are curious about this airline. Me too.  Permalink to this paragraph

Apparently it's really hot in the east. I'm still going to pack a couple of sweaters. It could get cold in NY in early-mid-October. Permalink to this paragraph

A bit of feedback to anyone at Virgin America who might read this. Your site could work a lot better with Firefox on a Mac. Come on! You're based in SF, not Redmond.  Permalink to this paragraph

Ooops, look what happened when I tried to print my boarding pass. Repeatable. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Virgin America is in the air today.  Permalink to this paragraph

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