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Bug fixed in Flickr-to-Twitter code?

Sunday, October 14, 2007 by Dave Winer.

There was definitely a bug in the code that processed Flickr categories in Twittergram. If you'd specify that a picture required a tag, and one of the pictures didn't have it, all the other new pictures would be ignored, whether they had the tag or not.  Permalink to this paragraph

Some people who used the category tagging feature didn't notice this problem because they never uploaded pictures without the tags.  Permalink to this paragraph

If you never used tags and had it set up to not require them, everything would work as planned (that's how I use it). Permalink to this paragraph

In any case, knock wood, the bug should now be fixed and all users should be happy whether they never use tags, always use tags, or sometimes do and sometimes don't.  Permalink to this paragraph

Thanks to everyone who patiently and carefully reported bugs, esp MDY whose bug report helped me zero in on the errant code. If you want to report further problems, or just say that it's fixed, please post a comment here. Twitter is notoriously bad for bug reporting, since user's reports, even in the best circumstances, often leave out important information. With the 140 character limit, it's impossible to fully describe a problem. That's one thing Twitter is not good for.  Permalink to this paragraph

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