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Paolo gets an iPod Touch

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I had a great Skype talk with Paolo yesterday. He was driving his car, in Italy near his home in Trieste. The connection was great, it was like living in the future.  Permalink to this paragraph

One of the things we talked about was the iPhone. At first I talked about it as if Paolo had had one from the outset. He feels that close, and he's the kind of person who would get the latest Mac toy on Day 1, just like me. Later, when he said he just got his iPod Touch, I realized of course, this is one of those things we got here in the U.S. that they haven't gotten yet in Europe. Don't worry, they have some something we don't, a strong currency. :-( Permalink to this paragraph

So here's his first writeup of the iPod Touch. Permalink to this paragraph

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