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A new view of NY Times news

Thursday, October 18, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named accordion.gifAfter spending a day with the old keyword page, and getting bored with it, I came up with a new way to look at news, something I've not tried before, that might be fun and/or useful Permalink to this paragraph

http://nytimesriver.com/keywords.html  Permalink to this paragraph

Since it's likely to change again soon, here's a screen shotPermalink to this paragraph

How it works. Every hour, as usual, it does the nytimesriver scan. Every story is linked to in the database undern all the keywords it references. Then the report, in HTML, is prepared, with the keywords in the left column, and links to all the stories in the right colum. The list is sorted by number of references, the keywords with the most references appear at the top of the list.  Permalink to this paragraph

So today, baseball is the top item, with 15 references. The teams, the Cleveland Indians and Colorado Rockies, rank high. For some reason (heh) the Boston Red Sox don't appear, even though they're still in it, and the Yankees, even though they've been eliminated (yay!) are near the top at position 10.  Permalink to this paragraph

It's another leaderboard! (Oh shit.) Permalink to this paragraph

The stories age, and are removed after 24 hours. After all this is news, not olds.  Permalink to this paragraph

If you have comments, post them under the screen shot, linked above. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Note that since the list just started up today, the initial stories, even though some are already 24 hours old, will remain in the queue until tomorrow morning at this time. So the list will be artificially fat today, it'll thin down tomorrow. Permalink to this paragraph

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