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Help, I need really solid expand-collapse code

Thursday, October 18, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named grandpa.gifI really need a rock-solid expand-collapse display that I can integrate with Scripting News. Permalink to this paragraph

If you're reading this in RSS, flip over to the home page and have a look. See how the pluses and minuses work? There are a bunch of problems: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Doesn't work in Opera. Deal-stopper. Opera users are cool folk. Permalink to this paragraph

2. I don't like the indentation. I want the text flush-left. Permalink to this paragraph

3. Takes too long to display. I want it to be instantaneous. Permalink to this paragraph

4. Must be multi-level. I haven't tested the code I'm using with more than two levels. Permalink to this paragraph

I know it can be much better, because I see it done better in lots of places.  Permalink to this paragraph

Looking for help from people who know their Javascript. Me, I'm into other things (obviously).  Permalink to this paragraph

Mock up a Scripting News home page with your code, and post a pointer, and we'll test it out. When it's done, everyone will be able to use it.  Permalink to this paragraph

BTW, I know there are people from the Radio community that have stuff in this area, I just don't know how well supported the stuff is these days. It's been a while. Permalink to this paragraph

Colin Faulkingham has a mockup that works in Opera, etc. Permalink to this paragraph

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