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Missing MCNs

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Jason Etheridge has been working his way through the archive of Morning Coffee Notes podcasts, and has found a bunch are missing. I'm going through the list, using archive.org, local backups, Google, and whatever else I can think of, to try to find the missing MP3s. These are the ones I haven't found yet. (I'll update the list as I work through it, so hit refresh periodically.) Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/cnNov9.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/TS20041107.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/cnNov3.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/cnNov1.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/MusicoftheBlogospheres.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/TS20041028.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/cnOct21.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.podcatch.com/manila/gems/un/cnOct16.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://mp3.podbat.com/base/tradesushi/050414_tsushi01_scoble.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

http://leoville.tv/tlr/KFIAdamCurry.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.scripting.com/blogs/gems/davetravel/cnOct24a.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.scripting.com/blogs/gems/dnc/cnOct7.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.scripting.com/blogs/gems/dnc/cnOct5.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

http://static.scripting.com/blogs/gems/dnc/cnSept27a.mp3 * Permalink to this paragraph

* Denotes a file archive.org says they have but can't access because of technical difficulties. Permalink to this paragraph

Of course, if you have any clues about rescuing these files, or have a copy of them on your local system, please let me know.  Permalink to this paragraph

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