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And it's also all about point of view

Monday, October 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Good software designers get out of their bodies and become users of software. Because ultimately you don't design software to express yourself, you design it to be useful. Permalink to this paragraph

The point of news, as with software, is to be useful to the person using it. Permalink to this paragraph

Sorry, it's not about employing editors. Scott Rosenberg, a writer and editor of news can be forgiven for seeing it from his own point of view, but we users of news don't share that point of view. To me, as a software designer, it's no surprise that there are lots of ways to view news. That there used to be one main way to do it is also not a surprise, there were technical limits, that aren't there anymore.  Permalink to this paragraph

The skill of laying out a paper presentation of the day's news on a big sheet of paper is now an obsolete craft. The only reason we needed people to do that in the past was that was the only way to get written news to massive numbers of users of written news. Now that computer monitors are cheap, and we have little computers that can get us news that fits in our pocket, we can try out lots of ways of arranging it, and maybe we'll even discover something new.  Permalink to this paragraph

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