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Think about all the frees and opens and what they reveal

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Okay now we have Open Social to add to a long list of Opens and Frees. Permalink to this paragraph

Open Source -- let's see your source code. Permalink to this paragraph

Open Doc -- let's get rid of Office. Permalink to this paragraph

Open ID -- let's see your users. Permalink to this paragraph

Free Beer -- Web 2.0. Permalink to this paragraph

Free Software -- no code-level lock-in.  Permalink to this paragraph

These aren't good or bad, they just serve someone's interest without thinking about the users' interest (at best) or counter to the users' interest (at worst).  Permalink to this paragraph

Which suggests maybe it's time to get to the point. Permalink to this paragraph

Free Users.  Permalink to this paragraph

Let my people go! Permalink to this paragraph

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