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Let's not go overboard

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Some Windows advocates are using my post about Leopard as "proof" that Vista is really what you need. Permalink to this paragraph

When I said Leopard feels like Windows, I meant that it locks up, disappears, freezes and crashes. That I have to trick it into doing the right thing. I wasn't paying Windows a compliment, geez, you guys need to learn how to read. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named ceausescu.jpgAnd by the way so do some of the Mac advocates. I didn't say you're having no fun with Leopard. Glad you're pleased. I wish I could gloat at how great an upgrade it was, nothing would make me happier. And btw, since writing the piece yesterday, it's been performing pretty well on all four systems I have it installed on. Maybe getting all that out in the open is just what was needed. Permalink to this paragraph

For the record, I've never used Vista, I don't want to, honestly I'd rather live in Bucharest than use Vista. Not today's Bucharest, which I hear is actually pretty nice, I'm talking about the Bucharest of Ceausescu. The one who taught Cheney and Bush all they know about torture.  Permalink to this paragraph

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