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Casting in late 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

There are two sides to RSS, casting and catching. Permalink to this paragraph

On the casting side, obviously there is: Permalink to this paragraph

1. MP3 casting (aka podcasting). Permalink to this paragraph

2. News item casting (blogging, news organizations, PR). Permalink to this paragraph

3. Photos (not much has been done here, but that will change). Permalink to this paragraph

4. Video (check out the major networks, they're doing a lot here). Permalink to this paragraph

5. The new hard to describe (for me) casting done by users on social networks like Facebook (which I almost called Feedbook). Permalink to this paragraph

6. I think Twitter is a form of casting (it's also a catcher). Permalink to this paragraph

7. Publishing bits of code in feeds. I use this extensively as the update mechanism for all my software. Others do too. Permalink to this paragraph

8. Torrent feeds (slapping forehead). With this innovation it's possible to write a TiVO that runs on a desktop or Mac Mini. Check out EZTV's feed, very sensible, futuristic (one hopes). Permalink to this paragraph

9. What else? Permalink to this paragraph

Some comments... Permalink to this paragraph

For MP3s you're basically on your own. There aren't many tools for creating RSS 2.0 files with MP3 enclosures. This art has been around since 2001, it's been popular since 2004, so it's fair to assume perhaps that there isn't much demand. It's pretty easy to cobble together a podcast feed by hand. I write scripts to do it, myself, I never do them by hand. Permalink to this paragraph

Blogging software is probably the most common tool for news item casting. Permalink to this paragraph

For photos, you have Flickr, and Apple's iPhoto does something they call "photocasting" but I haven't investigated this yet (I will, for sure). I have some stuff coming here myself not too far down the road. Permalink to this paragraph

Question: What photo collecting sites offer RSS feeds of users' photos? Are they compatible with Yahoo's feed format (they use a namespace called Media RSS) or do they use enclosures, or something else?  Permalink to this paragraph

Answers: Zoomr, ShoZu (but no metadata about the photos, so what's the point). Permalink to this paragraph

For video, it's basically like MP3, if there are any tools on the casting side, I'm not aware.  Permalink to this paragraph

If you'd like to add anything to this list, which is far from complete (I'm sure) please use the comments. Permalink to this paragraph

I'll write about the catching side of this later.  Permalink to this paragraph

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