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NPR radio debate

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I caught a bit of today's radio debate between the Democratic presidential candidates.  Permalink to this paragraph

NPR is providing it as an MP3 download. Much appreciated. Permalink to this paragraph

One thing's for sure, we dodged a big World War III size bullet today with the National Intelligence Estimate. Looks like the military didn't want to go to war with Bush, again.  Permalink to this paragraph

Now a question for the electorate, how do we make sure that the next president gets the message loud and clear -- no more bullshit wars. I think a late-term impeachment and trial of Bush and Cheney would help make the point to future presidents. Fuck with the people again and we'll have your ass.  Permalink to this paragraph

That Bush even thinks about legacy is a travesty. He belongs in jail. That's his legacy. Permalink to this paragraph

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