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What's the real story??

Wednesday, December 05, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Bush and Cheney knew what was going to be in the NIE for months. That's not a stretch. It's completely unbelievable that they didn't ask or weren't told what was coming.  Permalink to this paragraph

They tried to drum up support for a war anyway.  Permalink to this paragraph

Hoping to rush us to war. Then the NIE would come out and they'd say that no one knew that there was no nuclear program in Iran. Permalink to this paragraph

The only question is why they didn't start the bombing. Permalink to this paragraph

Could it be that they gave the order and the military didn't do it? Permalink to this paragraph

In the meantime one has to wonder why the French president Sarkozy was saying the same things about Iran along with Cheney and Bush. Permalink to this paragraph

There's a back-story we're not hearing. Permalink to this paragraph

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